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Some facts about the Center's history

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It was the end of 1979 when the firsts attempts to establish an Interuniversity Center took place, thanks to the efforts of Giorgio Rochat (Università di Torino), the lamented Filippo Frassati (Università di Pisa) and Piero Del Negro (Università di Padova).

The Center’s structure took form between 1981 and 1983, but it was formalized only in 1986, due to the slowness of University’s and Ministry’s bureaucracy. (La convenzione istitutiva del "Centro").
Nevertheless it was already in 1984 when the Center held an important conference on “Twenty years of Military History in Italy”.

In 1987, after two years of intensive work, the Center published a Italian Bibliography of Military History [Bibliografia italiana di storia militare (Milano, Angeli)]
These were just the first steps of an commitment that brought to the organization of more than twenty conferences and seminars.

In the meantime other Univerisities decided to join the three founding ones. At the end of the ‘80’s it was the case of Pavia and Milano Cattolica. Then came Siena. Nowadays the participating Universities are about a dozen, featuring some of the major Italian ones.

For more information on the Center's first years of actiivity, it is possible to read an essay by Piero Del Negro. Download it here.