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The Center was formed in a time when Italian historical-military studies hadn’t yet experienced that type of renovation that they had already been through in United Kingdom, France, USA, and other countries. Only few scholars dealt with Military History. There was an enormous gap between “military-men” historians and the (few) academic historians. What the Center has constantly been doing, during the more than twenty years of its activity, is to encourage and help renovate the Italian historical-military research. It has attempted this by struggling to bring closer the research done in the Universities to that done in the Historical Offices of the armed forces and by spreading, however difficultly, historiographical renovation among Military History enthusiasts.

A few years after the Center’s institution a group of scholars, with the acknowledgment of the Ministry of Defense, founded the Società di storia militare [Society of Military History], now called Società italiana di storia militare [Italian Society of Military History]. In the meantime also the Ministry of Defense needed to coordinate the activities of the Historical Offices of the armed forces. For this reason it established the Commissione italiana di storia militare [Italian Commission for Military History] and then activated an advisory board for the Commission.

The Center elaborates its study and research programs in the effort to reach a form of cooperation with these latter institutions active in Italian historical-military studies.

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