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General notes:

The "personal data" section contains general information on the scholar, on his curriculum vitae regarding Military History and on his major research areas.
In the "bibliography" section it is possible to find details about what each scholar has published between 1985 and 2005
The data contained here have been given us by each scholar himself, and the Center has just standardized them. (This, for example, explains why the record for works published by two auhors appears two times: because each author has provided the data.)


Consulting the Bibliography:

We would like to remember that the bibliographical data in The Directory of Scholars of Military History has not yet been classified through keywords and are so searchable only through free words. Like all other resources of the Center, these data are managed by the software OCTOPUS/META-PUB and can be navigate thanks to the interface produced by the Cnr-Isti.