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In the early 2000's, the Center had prompted the Società italiana di storia militare [Italian Society of Military History] to collaborate in evaluating the italian military-historical production. The Center realized the data detection sheet, while the Society was in charge of sending it to the Center and its own members. The Center would have then been responsible for elaborating the results of the survey. However, for a series of reasons, this first attempt hasn't been quite successful.
Between 2004 and 2005 therefore the Center decided to pursue the project on its own, in order to have a first, but updatable, notion of the Italian military-historical research. For this reason it sent the data detection sheets and then processed the data, creating two databases: one with personal detail on the scholars, and the other one with bibliographical information on their production. It's been mostly thanks to the efforts of Gian Luca Balestra that it has been possible to finally conclude this project.  The process of data detection has also brought to issueing the first edition of the Repertorio degli studiosi italiani di storia militare, a cura di Gian Luca Balestra e Nicola Labanca (Milano, Unicopli, 2005).

In this section we are offering the public both of the databases.


Like all other resources of the Center, these data are managed by the software OCTOPUS/META-PUB and can be navigate thanks to the interface produced by the Cnr-Isti. We would like to remember that the bibliographical data in The Directory of Scholars of Military History has not yet been classified through keywords and are so searchable only through free words.

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