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The Guide to Italian Military History

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In the '90's s some scholars conceived a bibliographical guide to Italian Military History, devised for a non-Italian public and a United-States publishing company. This guide should have given account of the works published during the whole 20th century, after being carefully selected. Various authors, some of which affiliated with the Center, were asked to redact single sections. However, the project didn't go through, and it remained unpublished for years.
Finally, in 1997, Piero del Negro found the financial resources for its publication, requesting also a final update not of the single sections but of the entire volume (a whole section was added,
Recent Publications).
From 2005 the Center started to autonomously take care of a computerized retrieval of the data in this resource. This has become possible thanks to the availabiliy of the Isti of the Pisa Cnr and to the commitment of Mr. Paolo Formiconi, graduating student in History at University of Siena.

Access to the Guide:

As all other resources of the Center, also the computerized data retrieval of the Guide to Italian Military History is managed by the software PUMA and is accessible through the interface developed by the Cnr-Isti.The data has not yet been classified by key words, and is therefore searchable only through free words.

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