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We've put up a general META-OPAC to let you consult simultaneously the Center's different bibliographical resources.

It is so possible to identify documents in the following databases:
1) the Italian Bibliography on Military History 1960-1984 (1987);
2) the Guide to Italian Military History (1997);
3) the bibliographical section of the volume Directory of Italian Military History scholars (2005);
4) the Observatory of new books (2005- );
5) the Center's Classics Library

It's obvious that in order to take full advantage of the cumulative search, the META-OPAC user must be aware of the traits, contents, and classification (when present) of each database.

The user must so be informed that, of these resources, the only claassified ones are the Italian Bibliography of Military History 1960-1984 (1987); the Observatory of new books (2005- ) and the Center's Classics Library.

Moreover, the first resource is of a bibliographic retrospective kind, while the second is current and the third allows to download full text documents, in pdf format.

The Center hopes to start globally classifying all of the bibliographies it has collected, accordingly to its resources.