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Italian Bibliography of Military History (1987)


It was 1987 when the Center published the "Italian Bibliography of Military History 1960-1984.

The Italian Bibliography consists of a selection, edited by a scientific committee, of 2905 titles, among which we find monographs, collections of volumes and periodic publications that are representative of the historical-military research.

In its work the scientific committee has benefited from the collaboration with a vast number of authors and it has divided the task in four chronological areas (from the Napoleonic Wars to the war for Libya; from World War One to the 1943 crisis; the period 1943-1945; from 1845 to current times).

The Bibliography has been made possible thanks to the Center's partnership with the Istituto di elaborazione dell’informazione, part of the Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche in Pisa.

How to consult the Bibliography:

As the other resources of the Center, also the Italian Bibliography of Military History 1960-1984 is managed by the program OCTOPUS/MetaPUb and is accessible through the interface prepared by the Cnr-Isti. The Bibliography is classified by key words.

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If you're interested in increasing the data retrieval techniques used for this Bibliography, it's possible to read and download the following: